Alpha Galaxy — Deathstrike (Terra, Americas)

As a part of Operation Klondike, Alpha Galaxy's progenitor unit (then known as the Emerald Skate) landed on Babylon and took the primary rebel stronghold at Hammurabi. Since that time, Alpha Galaxy has participated in every one of the Diamond Shark's major offensives. Alpha Galaxy also spawned the only martial decoration awarded by Clan Diamond Shark, the Deathstrike, awarded to MechWarriors or fighter pilots who can claim to have taken down three times their machine's tonnage in a single battle, or an Elemental when a single Point takes down fifty-tons of BattleMechs without assistance. Winning the Deathstrike is a requirement for any warrior seeking the rank of Star Colonel within the Alpha Galaxy. Alpha Galaxy's 19th Heavy Cluster and 39th Strike Cluster were among the five Clusters Khan Ian Hawker bid for the Battle of Tukayyid, assigned to take the primary target city of Kozice Prime. Unprepared for the Com Guard Eighth Army's tactics, both clusters found their advance though the Kozice Valley blocked by the veteran 31st Division and the green 85th Division, buying enough time for the 182nd Division to outflank and hold both clusters of Alpha in a brutal days-long stalemate. The stalemate dragged on so long that the defeat of Clan Smoke Jaguar freed up Com Guard reinforcements, the Sharks totally unprepared when the fresh troops of the Fifth Army performed a combat drop behind their front lines, cutting off the clusters of both Alpha and Gamma Galaxy from their landing zones and supply depots. Unable to break stranglehold of the encircled Com Guard forces, only the arrival and sacrifice of the reserve forces of the Freeborn 3rd Shark Regulars allowed the shattered 19th and 39th to withdraw in defeat. While all five clusters suffered horrific damage on Tukayyid, the Alpha Galaxy's 39th Strike Cluster was the only one the Shark Khans chose to maintain. With Clan Diamond Shark's ejection from the Inner Sphere, Alpha Galaxy returned to the Clan Homeworld. In 3070 the Galaxy was detected to Itabaiana and Tukayyid, the missing 39th Strike Cluster was stationed at this time in the Periphery region.



Beta Galaxy — Predator (Terra, Oceanic)

After the Battle of Tukayyid, the Diamond Shark's Deathstrike and Snapping Jaws Galaxies were nearly destroyed. Beta Galaxy took the place of the other two units, ably defending the Shark holdings from raids and Trials by other Clans who thought to take advantage of the Shark's perceived weakness. Though Galaxy Commander Ghiberti was worried that her troops were going to be transferred en masse to make up losses in other galaxies, Khan Angus Labov provided two replacement warriors to Beta for every warrior who transferred out of Beta. This insured that the Predators kept a high skill level and allowed the replacements to gain experience. This experience was vital when the Clan helped in Clan Nova Cat's retreat from Barcella. Beta Galaxy transferred to the Inner Sphere in 3069. During that time their most noteworthy conflict came when the Pearl Skate and 42nd Combined Strike Clusters defeated a militia unit on Tukayyid. This foothold was still being guarded by the Pearl Skate and 21st Combined Assault Clusters in 3079, and served as a major center for trade between the Sharks and Clan Ghost Bear. By 3085 most of Beta Galaxy acted as a garrison force to protect the Shark's holdings on Tukayyid and Nykvarn.


Gamma — Snapping Jaws (Terra, Europe)

Two Clusters from Gamma were among the five Khan Ian Hawker bid for the Battle of Tukayyid, assigned to take the secondary target city of Urcunat. Unprepared for the Com Guard Eighth Army's tactics, both clusters found their advance stalled and were reassigned to combat attacks from 31st, 56th, 85th Divisions against the Sharks supply lines. Winning the bid to destroy the raiders, the 222nd Assault Cluster quickly encountered the green 85th Division, but neither side were able to gain the advantage over the other as the fighting became increasingly brutal. After the 85th tied up the Shark's supply lines for an entire day, Star Colonel Seth Davis's patience ran out, breaking batchall to order the 369th Striker Cluster to assist in obliterating the infuriating Eighty-Fifth. While the 85th finally crumbled in the face of both clusters, the victory was especially costly for the Sharks with the doomed division taking the 222nd down with them and the 31st and 56th Divisions avenging the sacrifice of the 85th by tearing the 369th apart. The losses suffered by both Clusters were so extensive that the Diamond Shark Khans opted to disband both, dispersing their survivors to other Clusters, primarily Alpha Galaxy's Thirty-Ninth Striker. To rebuild Gamma Galaxy, Angus Labov turned to more experienced warriors from Spina and Garrison Galaxies as well as reservists who had excellent skills. This resulted in a unit whose average age was higher than the norm. After being rebuilt by Angus Labov, Gamma proved itself by fighting the Jade Falcons on Tokasha. Between 3065 and 3079 Gamma Galaxy was stationed on Twycross. Though the majority of the Galaxy had been seen by observers, the Emerald Skate and the WarShip assigned to the 8th Assault Cluster weren't seen in the system. Their location was a mystery.

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