// Comms discipline. “Shark Faces, Fins Up, or It’s Time To Hunt” - when you hear these words ALL chatter stops.

// The DC and lance commanders always have priority; they call targets and give directions for the group. If you are not a DC do not speak unless they have relevant and useful information for the team. If a scout mech is used, second priority is given to scouts to relay info to DC/lance commander.

// Never argue or discuss DC's calls during a drop. If elicited, suggestions may be offered but in a drop a bad decision is better than no decision.

// Drops are to be reviewed for team improvement after the match, NOT during the drop.

// If DC order is unclear, ask him/her to repeat it. Target discipline.

// Listen to the target called and hit it if you are able. The team with better target discipline always has a significant advantage.

// Target Calling. Always call targets clearly.

// Never say "atlas over here", that is useless info. Correct target calling “Alpha, Atlas, Charlie3, Crit Right Torso” Correct target calling “Lima, Firestarter, Bravo5, Legs.

// The damage info helps increase our precision, do not waste shots on healthy armor if you can hit a critical panel.

// There is a compass with bearing range at the top of the HUD Enemy UAVs Keep an eye in the sky for enemy UAVs. If you spot a UAV, say “enemy UAV” and if not obvious say also the grid such as “Hotel7”. If (and only if) you destroy the UAV, say “UAV down”.

// Friendly UAVs When you release a UAV say “UAV out”.

// Artillery/Air Strikes When you release an Artillery or Air Strike say “arty out”. This lets other pilots know the reset countdown has started and other arties cannot be called in.

// If you see an arty that others may not see say “smoke” or “smoke on us” or “smoke at [location]”. Don’t say this if the Drop Commander is in position to see and announce it.

// Stay Alive. Heroes are not needed.

// Don’t chase kills! Even if a mech needs just one more shot, it may be retreating into cover so that you expose yourself and are taken out by other warriors. Chasing lights and fast mediums exposes you to fire from heavies and assaults. Let the lights and mediums handle the faster threats.

// Avoid runing across a teammate's firing line.

// Always push when a push is called for. A push does not mean firing from cover. Pushing means moving into the enemy force at full speed but not hugging them (usually leave between 50-100 meters). Don't stand in front of an enemy if your teammates are behind you. Try to get to the side to clear a firing lane for others.

// Situational Awareness. The mini-map, battlemap (B key), Lock Target (R) and Query Mech (Q key) are your friends. They will help you orient to your team and enemy. Be mindful of moving too far away from the bulk of your forces. Stay grouped up. Solo warriors are targets. If you are to position or reposition make sure you have at least one wing.

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