MWO // Homepage of MechWarrior Online

DSx Videos // Clan Diamond Shark Videos on Vimeo

Discord // Clan Diamond Shark Discord Server

Weapon Stats // Detailed statistics of both Clan and Innser Sphere weapons in MWO

Smurfy Mechlab // Build and share your own mech loadouts or see what loadout your friends are using

MechDB // A site with visual mechlab and advanced filters

Skill Tree Planner // Build and share skill tree configurations

MWO Loadout Simulator // Test loadouts in real-time simulations with various settings

Mech Tier Lists and Builds // Current builds and decks for both Clans and IS ranked by tier

Kanajashi's Spreadsheet Warrior // In-depth mech statistics for analysis and theory-crafting

Mobility Stats Spreadsheet // Detailed numbers for all mech mobility stats

Sarna // Comprehensive wiki all things BattleTech related

MetaMechs // A source for MWO Tier Lists, Guides, and more

HPG Outreach // Active community discussion board for MWO

No Guts No Galaxy // Popular blog, podcasts, videos, and discussion boards

MWO Maps // Tactical illustrations of each map in MWO

Tactics 101 Comics // A visual guide to basic and intermediate team tactics in Mechwarrior Online

Hitbox Localization // Hitbox locations for most mechs in MWO

IS Hitboxes // Hitbox locations for IS Mechs in PDF (all except Civil War)

Clan Hitboxes // Hitbox locations for Clan Mechs in PDF (all except Civil War)

Killing Mechs Efficiently // Tips for detroying most mechs in MWO (be sure to check out all four parts in this series)

HTML-to-Text Generator // Use this to copy and paste text from other sites into the Forums on the website

Sea Fox Mercantile Zazzle Store // DSx and other BT mercandise for sale on Zazzle

Sea Fox Mercantile Redbubble Store // DSx and other BT mercandise for sale on Redbubble

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