Clan Diamond Shark's (DS) online roots date back to the competitive leagues in the mid 1990's. Many of our members have been in the unit for years (some more than a decade). Being a member of Diamond Shark (MWO: DSx) means that you hold a pledge that, regardless of light competitive or competitive mindset, you will hold yourself with grace, honour, and respect while elevating teamwork as you improve your individual skill. It also means you will benefit from the unit's strong leadership and developmental programs aimed at helping you become an elite team player.

Joining Clan Diamond Shark is a three-part process. First, the pilot must be approved as a candidate. Candidates seeking membership within Clan Diamond Shark ('DS') are known as 'Sibko'. To become a Sibko, the pilot must: (1) own at least 4 Clan mechs, (2) have dropped with other members of DS in Community Warfare matches, and (3) be sponsored by an officer of DS (Star Commander or above). Pilots seeking Sibko status should start their journey by join us on TeamSpeak at: (no password).

In order to become a permanent member of DS, the Sibko must successfully complete a Trial of Entry ('TOE'). TOE rules can be viewed here.

Upon successful completion of the TOE, the Sibko must register on our website after shich he/she will become a permament Warrior in the unit. Once accepted into DS, it is rare for a Warrior to leave the unit. Hence, pilots that seek merely temporary unit status are discourged from applying. We welcome these pilots to join us as allies in group matches.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em