As a Mechwarrior unit Clan Diamond Shark originated in 1994 as part of the Grand Council (GC) league, an all-Clan ladder league based on the renowned MW2: The Clans game. Players connected with 28.8k–56k modems. The rules were designed to mimic Clan bidding; one player chooses the weapon Class, the opponent chooses the map. Game size was mostly 2v2. Occasionally people braved the laggy 3v3 or 4v4.



in 1998 Clan Sea Fox Khan was Mammon Clarke. In 1998 Khan of Clan Diamond Shark (DS), Jagguar Hammond, approached CSF offering a merger of the two Clans. In 1998 Clan Diamond Shark merged with Clan Sea Fox retaining the DS name and badge. With players declining due to the age of the game the Grand Council Two (GC2) league was running a last quarter for MW2 and was making preparations to launch Grand Council 3 for the upcoming MW3. DS performed well, finishing second. After that tournament GC2 closed its doors. MW3 was launched in 1999, initial online game play was disappointing, that initial disappointment managed to push people away from MW3 back to MW2. DS went inactive in GC3.



Jaguar Hammond decided to launch a small MW2 ladder league with the help of Crowfoot (who ran dropshipcommand.com for many years). The league is called BTA (Battletech Alliance). It has a very similar rule set up as GC to keep it familiar for the ex GC players. Diamond Shark was resurrected under Khan Jaguar, saKhan Ravensbro and Thoman as Galaxy Commander. Jaguar decided he should concentrate on being league admin. Jaguar and Thoman dueled to be the Khan, with Thoman closely winning two of three matches. DS played there few months while waiting for MW4 open beta. Shortly after MW4 launched, several ex CSF and DS started coming back under DS banner. DS was forming up with Alex and Thoman as Khans. DS joined a league called Starlance (SL), that was the first league that was up and running in MW4. It was a ladder league with first person playstyle. DS played there for a few months then DS moved to Vengeance League (VL). In VL DS grew larger and a lot of new players joined including Daisu Saikoro. Not long after moving to VL, Thoman became Khan, Alex was busy with RL. DS competed in VL for about a year there often getting into top 10 units. Many new bloods made DS strong such as Daisu, Zer0, Eracer, James, Venom, Predator, Lucky, just to name a few ristars (rising stars). Zer0 was so active he got into top 3 players of VL league.



In 2001 MW4 Blackknight expansion was released. In 2002 DS joined another league called Team Warfare League (TWL). That league was run by Neuromancer (RIP). TWL used MW4-Blackknight instead and offered a different kind of ladder. While in VL the number of games influenced how far up a unit can move. In TWL only victories count. A Team only moves up in the ladder when winning against a team above it. All new teams started at the bottom of the ladder. DS moved up steadily defeating one team after another until it reached No. 2 about 3 months into the league. Members rigorously practiced prior to match nights. All top 5 units have been top 5 for a while, so when DS defeated them, there was a lot of excitement in the league. Forums were busy with speculations if DS will defeat No. 5, then it did, a new thread popped up “will they defeat No. 4” and so on until the unit reached No. 2. The showdown against the No. 1 team was epic. The No. 1 team has been in that spot for a long time, they never expected us to reach No. 2. All top 5 units wanted MG to avenge them. The No. 1 team was Metallus Gravis. The final game was broadcasted by the league (audio only back then, replay available here). DS won the first and second rounds with ease. The final round was intense. The points went back and forth. And seconds before the time was up, MG hit one DS mech and nudge their points slightly above the Diamond Sharks and took over the leading point from DS. It was a great game, everyone was tense all they way to the end. With that final game, MG kept their first spot, DS consolidated second. Good ending for MW4-BK and TWL. MW4 Mercs was released in the same week. TWL MW4-BK closed its doors. Thoman retired and Daisu became Khan. Daisu brought DS back to VL for MW Mercs. DS stayed in VL until interest in MW4-Mercs on the zone dwindled and everyone moved on to other games in 2003.



Inactive period


2012-April 2015

PGI released the open beta of Mechwarrior Online in late 2012. DaisuSaikoro, along with other legacy members of DS began playing eagerly awaiting the meta-game. Weeks prior to the beta version of Community Warfare’s released in August 2013, DS was registered as a unit in MWO. PGI blocked certain legacy unit names from being registered, hence DS was established as Diamond Shiver (shiver meaning a group of sharks) with the unit tag of DSx. During MWO’s epic Battle of Tukayyid event, Khan DaisuSaikoro Nagasawa, assisted by Oathmaster Charles Royal, commanded more than one hundred matches against the inner sphere. Despite the unit’s modest size of approximately 40 members placed 5th among all units in Clan Jade Falcon space. In April of 2015 Daisu stepped down as Khan to become Loremaster and Charles Royal was elevated to Khan who later earned the Bloodname Charles Sennet.


April 2015-February 2016

During MWO’s Hardcore Unit Challenge, the unit participated in 50+ matches resulting in a 5th place finish among all unit in Clan Jade Falcon space. During the Battle of Tukayyid II, Clan Diamond Shark received Most Valuable Unit Award by placing 3rd among all CJF space. Unit members also received Most Valuable Faction Award via CJF's 2nd place finish among all units (Clan and Inner Sphere) in the game. In 2015 the Keshik implemented a new promotion system, formed combat Clusters, and launched the unit’s new, third-generation website. The unit grew to ~120 members who hailed from five continents worldwide.


November 2016-April 2017

In April 2017 Vidar was named Oathmaster. DSx moved all the up to 2nd place among all CJF Loyalist units on the MWO Leaderboard and remains a top 10 loyalist unit in Faction Warfare.


May 2017-April 2018

In May, DSx participating in the Battle of Tukayyid 3, placing third among all CJF units. In June, Loremaster Speedy retired and WuSu Oshika became the new Loremaster. Vidar was elevated to saKhan and earned his Bloodname to become Vidar Erikson. The Keshik successfully petitioned PGI to allow the change of the name in-game from 'Diamond Shiver' to 'Diamond Shark' to coincide with the release of the Clan Diamond Shark in-game insignia and Mad Cat MK II CDS totem mech. In April 2018, DSx switched to the Draconis Combine in the Inner Sphere to learn IS tech, and especially the new Civil War tech, first hand. Kurita was the faction chosen due to the lore relationship that took place between the Sharks and the Dragons.


November 2018-Present

In November, DSx returned home to Diamond Shark in Clan space where it remains unless there is a Faction Play event which mandates switching to earn rewards.


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em